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Kerala Model 5 Bedroom House Plans. Total 3 House Plans Below 3000 Sq.Ft.

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Five Bedroom Kerala Style Two Storey House Plans Under 3000 Sq.ft. | 4 House Plans.

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Kerala Style Three Bedroom Single Floor House Plans Under 1300 Sq.ft. Total Four House Plans with Elevation

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Four Low Budget Kerala Style Three Bedroom House Plans Under 750 Sq.ft.

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Kerala Style Double Storey House Plans Under 1600 Sq.ft. For 5.5 cent Plots

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Kerala Model 3 Bedroom Single Floor House Plans. Total 5 House Plans Under 1600 Sq.Ft.

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Two Kerala Style House Plans Under 1500 Sq.ft. with Full Plan and Specifications

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1600 Sq.ft. Kerala Style 3 Bedroom Single Floor Plan and Elevation

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